Food addiction (or just someone else to blame)

In a book review by one of BMJ’s assistant web-editors, hyperpalatable foods (yes, quite likely an Americanism and the first hint about the book itself) are to blame for over-eating and food addiction because they taste good and are high in fat, salt and sugar. The book is titled “The End of Overeating: Taking Control of our Insatiable Appetite” by David Kessler.

1. Why do authors/publishers in the US continue to always put their qualifications on the front cover of the book? In the rest of the world, I am quite sure that this practice is reserved for authors of poorly-conceived self-help books that are begging the book-shop patrons to “believe me, please, I am a doctor… trust me”.

2. Where does the desire come from – to blame everyone else (but never yourself) for anything that is wrong with you? Assigning blame seems to have become an artform and even a science in some places in the world. Perhaps people should begin to take responsibility for their actions, not least of which is their state of health.

Food addiction (or just someone else to blame)

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