What parts of Julian Assange’s interview with Der Spiegel did the White House dislike most?

White House officials e-mailed select transcripts of an interview Mr. Assange conducted with Der Spiegel, underlining the quote the White House apparently found most offensive. Among them was Mr. Assange’s assertion, “I enjoy crushing bastards.””

See more at the New York Times

The part I find most disconcerting is this:

“We are in this region of the world because of what happened on 9/11,” Mr. Gibbs said. “Ensuring that there is not a safe haven in Afghanistan by which attacks against this country and countries around the world can be planned. That’s why we’re there, and that’s why we’re going to continue to make progress on this relationship.”

If the people involved in the war in Afghanistan still fail to realise that terrorism can be planned in any location and at any time, then they are clearly deluded. There need not be a ‘safe-haven’ for planning attacks and the only thing that is guaranteed is that long term war-weariness in Afghanistan will only serve to inflame further conflict.

What part of “Conflict begets conflict, not peace.” do they not understand?

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