At risk of hypertension?

Then you can choose to (a) take drugs that may increase the risk of cancer and further cardiovascular problems, or (b) lose weight, reduce sodium intake, increase physical activity and reduce alcohol consumption.

In a response to a meta-analysis in JAMA, Taranikanti and Banerjee state what is patently obvious to what we can only hope is a large proportion of the population. What I find particularly disconcerting is that this kind of statement actually needs to be made. Yes, the nature of clinical trials and the inability to effectively measure the NNTs and the NNHs are complicated details but that does not excuse the fact that there are established risks associated with “prescribing pills to everyone”.

Given that we have relatively complete information about the two choices above, would clinicians still prescribe antihypertensives to patients that do not yet have high blood pressure just because it is difficult to change lifestyle habits in a 12 minute consultation?

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