My email address is [something].[something]@mq.edu.au, just replace the two somethings with adam and dunn.

I’m a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Health Informatics, in the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University, which is in Sydney, Australia. I study large networked systems of information like those that make up the world of clinical evidence. The fields of research I work in are typically described as clinical epidemiology and public health surveillance.

Some of the other things that interest me outside of my day-to-day research include the dynamics of public opinion, the research of research, open access and open data, the motivations and aspirations of academics especially young academics and minority groups, technology-driven activism and civil disobedience, and the mechanics of influence in research and public opinion. Also food. I really like food. And coffee.

The present

I research applications of complex networks in medicine, especially networks made up of interacting researchers, drugs, clinical evidence, clinicians, or even actual people in actual communities around the world. I spend a lot of my time learning about the biases that affect how clinical evidence is produced, aggregated, and distorted as it makes its way from clinical trials (and large sets of electronic medical records) into the hands of policy-makers, clinicians, and the broader population. I also spend quite a bit of time measuring and modelling the ways that undesirable and unscientific opinions spread and persist in the public domain.

My research is funded primarily by Macquarie University but I have also been involved as an chief investigator or co-investigator on projects funded by the NHMRC (Australia) and the AHRQ (US). I first became a sole chief investigator on an NHMRC Project when I was 30 years old (back in 2012), and now that I am quite a bit older, I currently lead one NHMRC Project.

The past

A long time ago, I was an International Alcoa Foundation Conservation & Sustainability Fellow doing landscape ecology of invasive species and conservation, and I completed both my undergraduate training and PhD at The University of Western Australia (2007) in the suitably ambiguous area of complex systems and computational modelling formalisms, while modelling the spread of bushfires. My Erdős number is four.

To find out more

Citations to my work are generally most reliable at Google Scholar, and there is a bit more information about me on my AIHI page. If you want to get in contact with me fast, it’s probably best to tweet me at @adamgdunn or email me on the email above.