Australians’ views of our own health system

In a data briefing published in the last couple of days in the BMJ, there was an interesting graphic that indicated the public perception of the healthcare system. Although it isn’t particularly easy to find the source of the information in the Health Affairs cited by Appelby (an article with open access), the results are particularly striking for Australia.

While over 60% of the public in the UK believe that only minor changes are needed, around 75% of Australians believe that our health system needs fundamental changes or a complete rebuild. This perception is even more negative than the US, for which the system is widely known to be overly expensive and suffering from huge gaps in access for the disadvantaged.

Useful Public health information about obesity

When it comes to issues like obesity, with its myriad contextual factors underpinning the causes, it is very useful to look at trustworthy numbers that tell us how much a population-wide intervention is going to cost, how well it’s going to work, and whether or not we’ll end up “in front” so to speak.

This table, from one of a series of Lancet articles on obesity and its cost to society, spells it out quite clearly.