A trade to fall back on

There’s a scene from “The Vartabedian Conundrum” in Big Bang Theory where Sheldon says that his Aunt Marion gave him a stethoscope as a child because “he should have a trade to fall back on” if the theoretical physics thing didn’t work out. Trust me, that’s relevant. But let’s go back a step first. This … Continue reading A trade to fall back on

Do you know why academics work through the festive season?

It’s that time of the year again. Academics around Australia are wrapping up loose ends, and lamenting over the papers that didn’t quite get published during the year. And many will be frantically finishing off work to make way for the grant-writing season. For the record, I had four papers as a first author during … Continue reading Do you know why academics work through the festive season?

Experiences in grant application failure

I think it is just as helpful to openly discuss failures alongside successes (and not just when it comes to publishing experiments), and I think that as academics, we often hide failures and rejections to avoid presenting ourselves in less attractive ways. I’m always impressed when important people (read: Professors) openly discuss their rejected papers … Continue reading Experiences in grant application failure