Dinner for NetSci2011 at Sofitel Budapest

Pictured below is Robin Dunbar (Oxford) making jokes about monogamy watched by Albert-László Barabási (Harvard, Northeastern), Uri Alon (Weizmann Institute), Alain Barrat (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) and Andrea Baronchelli (UPC Barcelona). Not pictured, but still in the room are other well known luminaries such as Brian Uzzi (Kellogg School of Management), and Hawoong … Continue reading Dinner for NetSci2011 at Sofitel Budapest

Spreading, Influencing and Cascading

The NetSci2011 satellite workshop on spreading, influencing and cascading in social and information networks. Here is Brian Uzzi, whose discussion of the adoption of scientific ideas provided some good laughs, and set some brains ticking over how they might improve the likelihood of increased citation rates for themselves. If only it were as simple as … Continue reading Spreading, Influencing and Cascading

The Central Market Hall (Nagycsarnok) in Budapest. The Circuits of Profit satellite workshop associated with NetSci2011 was mainly made up of network analysts that were also consultants or employed by private organisations. As I predicted in a previous post, the group spans a wide range of abilities and a wide range of perceptions. However, it was … Continue reading