Learning from “Learning from Hackers”

Alongside colleagues (Enrico Coiera and Richard Day) from here in Sydney and (Kenneth Mandl) from near Boston in the US, I wrote an article for Science Translational Medicine in which we related the current system of “clinical trial evidence translation” to the very successful open source software movement. We highlighted the factors in that success - … Continue reading Learning from “Learning from Hackers”

More aggressive marketing ∝ 1/benefit-to-harm ratio

New “Law” Attempts to Explain Strategies Drug Marketers Use to Sway Prescribing, March 16, 2011, Mitka 305 (11): 1083 — JAMA An interesting and concise new article on the influence of marketing on prescribing patterns was published online in the American Journal of Public Health and then picked up in the commentary of JAMA. It … Continue reading More aggressive marketing ∝ 1/benefit-to-harm ratio