NY Times Op-Ed: “Seduction, Slavery and Sex”

Smart journalists have good ideas all the time. And the inspiration could come from anywhere, as this piece shows. If Sweden’s model of prosecuting the men who solicit sex from prostitutes has worked so well in Sweden, then why are other countries with similar problems debating the application of those same laws vigorously? The idea … Continue reading NY Times Op-Ed: “Seduction, Slavery and Sex”

Does expensive wine taste better?

Not unless you already know the price… In the end it is all about personal preference. And probably about ‘groupthink’ if youbelong to the list of experts that pontificate about the specific wines that are fashionable now, back then, or in the future. I believe that experts like expensive wines because they are told they … Continue reading Does expensive wine taste better?

From SMH: “Britain’s Daily Mail reported Sunday that an iPhone 4 recall was underway, but don’t believe it. The UK publication’s source was a tweet from a fake Steve Jobs Twitter account. Apple hasn’t announced any plans to recall its new phone.” I would love to see the original article!

From NY Times: “Still, rich, aging countries need workers. People in poor countries need jobs. And the rise in global inequality means that migrants have more than ever to gain by landing work abroad. Migration networks are hard to shut down. Even the worst economy in 70 years has only slowed, not stopped, the growth … Continue reading

WHO found to be lacking in credibility, again?

In an article in BMJ, Deborah Cohen and Philip Carter (a journalist) have written down the links between the people giving expert advice to the World Health Organisation about the severity of the H1N1 epidemic and the financial ties they had to the drug company that manufactures the vaccine, tamiflu. Sadly, this sort of biased … Continue reading WHO found to be lacking in credibility, again?

Surprise, surprise – politicians use twitter to promote themselves

Please excuse the sarcastic heading. It will come as no surprise that twitter is used as a promotional tool by politicians. In this case, a study shows that politicians in the congress of the USA are mostly using twitter to point to stories, blogs and other things that are about themselves.Surprise, surprise - politicians use … Continue reading Surprise, surprise – politicians use twitter to promote themselves