A Ghostwriter’s insight into the industry

From PLoS Medicine, a nice article on ghost-writing by a former writer, with interesting information about why she did it, and why she stopped doing it. It is also very interesting to get an insight into exactly how the pharmaceutical industry is able to manipulate the publication of articles and the direct education of clinicians. A related article is here.

More aggressive marketing ∝ 1/benefit-to-harm ratio

New “Law” Attempts to Explain Strategies Drug Marketers Use to Sway Prescribing, March 16, 2011, Mitka 305 (11): 1083 — JAMA

An interesting and concise new article on the influence of marketing on prescribing patterns was published online in the American Journal of Public Health and then picked up in the commentary of JAMA. It is an interesting read and does a good job of describing one of the bigger problems in the translation of evidence into practice.

from JAMA

[a picture from the JAMA commentary]