International collaboration tends to yield higher impact

International collaboration increases (via Research sans frontières : Nature News). This reminds me of some recent work looking at the effect of international collaboration on the prestige of publications - international collaboration tends to yield higher impact papers in higher impact journals.

Systemic risk in banking ecosystems : Nature

Professor Lord (Robert) May of Oxford takes on banking. For those who know his early work in ecosystems well enough, it will likely come as little surprise that he was able to do this - but the fact that he has done so may come as a shock. May was senior author with Andrew Haldane … Continue reading Systemic risk in banking ecosystems : Nature

Friends connect on a genetic level : Nature News

Researchers publishing in the PNAS USA have found that there are significant relationships for two out of six genes they tested amongst friends, after accounting for age, race, sex and common ancestry. Is this perhaps another example of a great statistical joke being played out at the highest levels? Or perhaps it is a real … Continue reading Friends connect on a genetic level : Nature News