Of exceptional importance – connecting patients to research

For quite some time, I’ve been very interested in the disconnect between the research being undertaken and the questions that people (especially patients and doctors) need answered. There is a huge disconnect between the two. The NEJM has published a short piece on a very well-funded institute, The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), which will … Continue reading Of exceptional importance – connecting patients to research

What is “appropriate” care?

Although there is nothing really new here, pre-eminent health economist Victor Fuchs has once again described the US Health system dilemma with eloquence in the NEJM’s Health Policy and Reform section. Fuchs describes the dilemma between providing the best care possible for each patient, whilst maintaining the cost-effective management of limited clinical resources. It is … Continue reading What is “appropriate” care?

Catherine D. DeAngelis leaves JAMA

The editorial describing her time at the journal is here. If you have access to the full version, watch out for the very big punch near the end. A visionary, or provoking deliberate change? Only time will tell. Still, it is very nice to see that she is leaving in the same fashion as she … Continue reading Catherine D. DeAngelis leaves JAMA