Social network analysis in health services

Along with Prof. Johanna Westbrook, I have recently had one of my side projects published as a short report in Social Science & Medicine, and the manuscript is now available online. We were looking at some of the issues associated with using hierarchy, clustering and centrality (three old-school network metrics) in small networks, and mainly in the social networks of health care organisations. It’s a neat and simple way to compare lots of small networks against each other, especially when the networks are of different sizes and densities.

a network

Adam G. Dunn, Johanna I. Westbrook (2010)  Interpreting social network metrics in healthcare organisations: a review and guide to validating small networksSocial Science & Medicine. (Article in press)

Social Science & Medicine is the premier journal for medical sociology (it is ranked as an A* journal in the Australian ERA classification). I’m thankful to have more than enough experts around to make sure that my ideas are translatable in so many different disciplines.

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