NetSci 2011 in Budapest

NetSci 2011 is nearly here and this year’s conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary from June 6th to 11th (or thereabouts). The conference is an interesting and important one because of the calibre of the scientists involved – certainly most of the big guns will be there. Considering the most recent release in Nature on the “Controllability of complex networks”, I’m guessing there will be a lot of discussion about the practicalities of decentralised control. That work has direct relevance to my work on understanding how research consensus evolves in a network of evidence.

The picture below is a sneak peek at the work I’ll be presenting at the conference. The network is a very new application for network science, in the domain of pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, and evidence-based medicine. It should be very interesting to see what groups of network scientists think about the systems of evidence that go into clinical decision making. I’m expecting to see a broad range of different perspectives and a broad range of understanding.

NetSci 2011 example

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